Oru Tambrahm Kudumbum

Oru Tambrahm Kudumbam
(series of verses with somewhat rhyming last words)
by-The Tambrahm T.R

Namaskaram! Im vishwanathan aka vichu
Enaku oru annan irukaan, His name is Kichu
We are both amma chellam, My appa is romba terror
avara porutha varaikum-
” Paper na hindu,
both his sons are mandu!”

After my 12th standard, my appa called me to his room.
filled to the brim with fear, I walked to my impending doom.

“Maths la no centum , Chemistry-o padu dhandam..
Ena kirichitai nee padichi?
Badava,Arts-Keets nu sonne..
pichipuduven pichi!”

“if you dont do engineering or medicine ,
then no IT job or monthly pay;
dai we are middle class family da,purinjiko…
chamatha do btech ,then MS from YOU YES YAY!”

Thats enough from my dad
lets go over to my amma
Cause She is the real boss.
ayo im serious, not saying chumma.

“Oh you want to know about me?
I am your typical tambrahm maami.

anyways, I recently got a trophy,
It says ‘queen of filter coffee‘!

I serve my sadham with some morru
I rule the streets of mylapore-u”

“recently I am ponnu paathufying
For my kondey krishnaswami
I sent his jathagam to my friends
we have a whatsapp group called ‘The Maami‘.”

“Now answer me Kichu,
and poi solapadaadhu, I’m your mum;
Yaarayavadhu love panriya?
is it that next-door ambujam?* “


“So, maathi maathi we get aapu,
Both me and kichu too!
cause you see,
We are the next generation tambrahms
Our middle name is Abishtoo!”

*we all know how much maamis love asking aduthaathu ambujatha parthela?!


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