The Story Of Sam

Sambasivam’in Sirukadhai

(series of verses with somewhat rhyming last words)

-Tambrahm T.R

Namaskaram! My name is Sambasivam
Enakku innoru perum iruku– Sam.
I’m just a 7 year old Kondey
And I Love my Fam.

Amma is a teacher,
Appa is a lawyer.
I also have one Anna,
his name is Karthik iyer.

My Anna is my hero
His wish- My command
Like Han Solo and Chewbacca,
Together we stand.

There is but one reason,
for me feeling gloom
for we share not blood,
but just the same room.

Yes, but loved by all,
Best-u family Yevarr.
regrets? None at all.

But it hurts me bad sometimes,
makes my world go ‘Black and White‘.
was I not good enough for them??
This question stuck in my mind,this fight!
On how i’m not like them,Why this hair,this body, this height!?
“One day they will disown me”
’twas my greatest fright.

So that’s my story guys.
My sorrow and my joy,
Oh And One more kutti detail…


I’m their PET NAAI!



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