What India Needs: The Nation Wants To Know!

For the next 5 minutes, I need you all to assume that I’m some Expert appatucker who has in-depth knowledge of the economic and structure of India but for some illogical reason I don’t work for the Government!

Wait,No I’m not Raghuram Rajan.


Now, I’m going to give some free advice.
If you want means take. If you don’t want means… still you have to take only, because that’s how free advice works no?! No Choice and all. poda.

Ok, you keep saying our nation is Nasamaaa goings no?
you want good nation a? That means you need a good government. which means you need good politicians.which means responsible adults who make it a point to vote sensibly instead of either sitting at home and saying “aii jolly.Holiday!” or choosing to vote for vijaykanth only because ” Machi! Ramanaa paathiya? pah! whatte man la?”
Now if you want such adults means they must have had good childhood..which means they must have watched good cartoons…
So that’s what our nation needs.
Our nation needs to ban Chotta bheem.

What other Bada problem our country is facing…ah yes! Language barriers. Unity in diversity and all chumma  for jolly they put in ninth standard social studies textbook.There only it ends.
This north india vs south india catfight no? such a headache it gives even amruthanjan balm is of no help boss!
And with what logic they are fighting, I don’t get only!
Northies make fun of south people’s english, and these buggers make fun of the northies’ english.
Dai.Loosu fellows, all our Englishes are waste only!
North fellows will say Foodubal for football, my mallu chettas will say aoufficce for office , my golti mamas will use “ra” so many times as if they are singing that chandramukhi terror song. And us Tamizh people tho forget it..just read my blog, that only avar engalees skillzz.

You are living in glass house means you don’t throw rocks.

And one scene we south Indians will put saying ki north Indians just label us all as madrasis. Dei first you name all 6 states in the northeast da!
That was trick question. There are 7 states.

So look, let us come to a compromise ok? south Indians should all start accepting hindi more.. look its a nice language .. super bad words it has ,BC,MC and all. kohli says no?
And north Indians, start accepting our masala movies and most importantly Rajinikanth.

because Dei I know that all you hindi fellows making fun of rajinikanth on the internet( read:stealing chuck norris memes and replacing the name) are the same ones who go home and watch Sivaji-The Boss dubbed on set max! Come out of the closet I say!
so thats what our nation needs
our nation needs to love Rajinikanth.

One more problem nowadays is how much our nation likes to protest.
someone gives speech in one delhi college means protest. someone refuses to tell one slogan means protest. Anna university keeps exams means protest, those exams la we fail means protest , they ask for money for re-eval means protest. one movie you like and they don’t release means protest, you don’t like and they release also means protest.
Shabba. Now itself eyes are closing.
Of all these, one major protest is this beef ban. Why so much fuss over food.? Instead of discussing about banning we should instead promote some other food item.                          To stop fights, To unite the two sides. Something that is tasty, simple, healthy and represents the colour that we Indians idolize and wish to look like everyday, through ample ‘Appification’of fair & lovely.
Thayir sadham.
That’s what we need.

Our Nation needs To make Thayir Sadham the national food.

OK Let me tell you one honest secret ..
These things May not be what India needs to grow… But I sure would love to live in a country without chota bheem, where all people love Rajini and Eat

Thayir sadham.

Because I’d belong in such a place.

Because in the end isn’t that what we need from our homes, our colleges,our city or our country? To belong?

Cause once we feel like the country is ours…that it is a reflection of how good or how bad we are..we are half way there in making it better.

Ambududhe hai!*

  • ‘ambududhe hai’ is copied from an Fb post.Too much in love with it.sry.



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