Raja, Mantri & Aavin Paal

108+ series #1

A Real-World-Moral-Story.

Once, There was one Raja called Rocket who thought his subjects were all sincere iso:9001:1998-certified good boys. Same kingdom had an  over-smart mantri called Mantri only. Mantri said “poda loosu king, all these fellows are bunti-aur-bubbly level frauds.” So for proving LHS=RHS, mantri made Raja tell everyone there is some Big-Bada Pooja and they have to each donate jest-u-one glass milk in one periya-paatharam on the coming Sunday. So everybody went to temple after watching Sun-TV-Top-Ten-Movies and one by one went in to donate milk. One fellow thought “If I alone pour water instead of milk means who’ll notice? Issokayba! nu he put water. In the end when Raja checked, he saw that there was only water there, no Aavin-paal. Full flower-tying-in-the-ears happened off. Minister was like “I told you so.” King sad; subjects scared. Obviously can’t punish all subjects..cause then no kingdom only will be there, how king?

So He Killed The Minister.

The end.

Moral-of-the-story: Don’t be  adhigaprasangi. Keep nose in your business.Noone likes it when you act like a Pretentious-Aai-Face. okay va?

P.S:This story was supposed to be 108 words,but as an indian cbse student, word limit and all no can do.original story not mine,some akbar-birbal-tenali-raman stuff. More 108+ worded short posts coming soon coming soon.




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