5 mark question- Briefly describe the awesome side of the Internet.

There are some words which we can never fully understand in English, one of them is ‘briefly’. during school exams, whenever there is a question that says ‘briefly’ explain something, We ALWAYS look at the marks allotted for the question and answer accordingly.

The answer to  “Briefly explain the origin of the word ‘Fuck'”can either be a 3 page long essay describing how it is derived from either the german word fockka or actually stands for F.U.C.K – “Fornicating Under Consent of King”(readmore) – if its a 10 mark question or simply some small paragraph answer- if its a 2 mark question.

No idea why I just wrote that.

well, This is a 5 mark question.

Q. Briefly describe the awesome side of the internet.

Ans. The internet, which in itself is a pretty awe-inspiring place, has certain parts of it that are very highly awesomatically amazing. The following are some of my favorite parts of the internet, which(though kinda damn famous) some of you might not have heard of :

  • WaitButWhy– Probably one of the best blog/websites I’ve come across. Tim urban writes very long very very informative very very very humorous posts. If youve seen his ted talk on procrastination, then you’ll know who he is. taking complicated topics and breaking it down perfectly and putting it out there in an EASILY-UNDERSTANDABLE-way-that-doesn’t-bore-your-pants-off is this fellows specialty. I recommend these three posts for any new readers – AILazyPeopleReadThisGenYyuppies. and actually all his posts. bloody amazing stuff.
  • TheOatmeal– There is something so genuine and brilliant about his comics that just makes you feel all LightHeadedTypes after reading them. These are two comics that everyone must read. WhyIrunUnhappiness.
  • Zen Pencils– This ultra cool cartoonist fellow  makes comic stories out of famous quotes of famous people like stephen king, Abdul kalam, Louis Ck  etc etc. I love this simply because I Love Quotes. The fact that someone can basically craft words and put them together with brilliant economy and convey so much depth in so few words, is goddamn amazing. Here’s a quote about quotes. ” Anything that can be put in a nutshell, must stay there.” (shantaram)
  • Nerdwriter/every frame a painting/Lessons from the screenplay– these are three Vlog type channels that i recently came across which made me very interested in films and the entire process of film making and all the amazing details that one can include in a film- as a result, i sort of hate many Tamil movies now, danmnnit. But seriously though, watch these- PrestigeMarvelMusicJokerIs2Cool .
  • Last but in no way the least; In fact this is probably the best of them all: Grave Mistake, Bra Now is Stuck– This is my all time favourite video on youtube, i could feel my soul being lifted up to heaven while i watched this.I found it very annoying that when while videos like eye to eye and vennu malesh are being celebrated,This one hasnt quite gotten the attention it deserves.Also this is soo much more funnier than that SUPER-SHITTY-‘PPAP’-BULLSHIT. I shall not spoil this for anyone, just know that if you don’t watch this now, and tomorrow you die by some accident , your life would have been meaningless. Go ahead – attain moksha… and thank me later.

I just mentioned these because I hadn’t come across this stuff a while back and i I don’t think they are extremely popular though they ought to be. Some/many of you might have already come across these sites.Others might feel there are wayy better blogs/sites out there. if you like these kinda things and know of other sites similar to this, TELL ME.  passing time reading this kinda stuff is sort of my full time job, free time la I attend  college and have life etc etc.

alright sooo… Hence i would like to conclude that therefore  we have shown that the internet is a pretty amazing place, since RHS =LHS, hence proved.






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