r-u-a-tru-chennaite? Tak dis tst 2 fnd out

10 Things that will prove you are a true chennaite (You will not believe #4 😮 )

Yevrrrybody is making Chennai posts video and all no? Why I should leave off? I am also rowdydhaan so I am also writing the chennai posts.
Also, I’ll be shifting from Chennai soon, and this is mera Kaneer-Anjali-Poster for the 18 years I spent here.

This is a test to check if you are a true chennaite.
If you don’t pass this test means you are not true Chennaite. thats all.
Ready a?
start musiq.

1. You must say you are a proud chennaite, even if you live in some cook-graamam(MMKRcrazymohanreferenceyo) called gerrugambakkam or something in the outskirts of a small town called porur which is in the outskirts of the suburbs of chennai.

2. Atleast once you should have questioned some rash driver fellow if he “informed and came from home a?”

3. You should bokku-nu-vailaye kuthify those who constantly and relentlessly complain about the “chennai wheather” as if they were born with Attached AC suit from sivaji movie. that is 3-much (2much+1).

4.Whenever any Hindi(read saetu) aunty utters the word “beta” your mind-voice-vadivelu must subconciously reply saying “beta lam enga ma tharanga? verum pongalum puliyodharayum dhaan“.

5. You must be a die-hard Rajini choice and all.

6. You must constantly question/be questioned regarding which school you studied in, even years after you pass out. It is yuvar identity sorta like the house thingy In Game-Of-Thrones.( jestu ipo dhaan started watching GOT to ensure that Im a kewl dood) I usually loud-a say “PSBB” and silent-a-muzhingify the “Millennium”. Trickz.

7. You must put Over vetti scene to all your friends about how you “hate these serials that old aunties and all watch nowadays yaa!” but secretly go home and watch Vani rani and saravanan meenakshi season 108 Episode:7.5. ( Will saravanan marry meenakshi.? Womygawwdd whatte suspense sir-ji)

8.YOU MUST HATE HINDI FOR NO REASON AT ALL (but still take it as secondlanguage and suffer and then later realize its kinda useful&nice-nice actually). logic a? Who youre looking and what youre asking? kuru ketta koobe.(panchathanthiramCrazymohanReferenceyo)  Also Fuck MumbaiIndians and other mokke IPL teams.#CSKthirumbiVarumDaDei


9.You must have encountered atleast one josiyam telling akka in the beach who somehow managed to make you her customer. Then youll pretend like you don’t believe in this “stupid superstitions” but actually you will listen nice-a and later mandayakozhapify over her predictions /how she knew you have thanni-la-gandam/how to prevent the imminent seven&half-sanni in your life.

10. If you are male, then atleast once you should’ve travelled by an mtc bus which was full only gents side la, and you thought you could get away with sitting in the ladies seat after checking if any females are standing.. only to be Suddenly confronted by an angry maami who appeared out of nowhere like one zubat and tells” cha ladies seat la okaririye? unaku asingama illa? indha generation-e ipdi dhaan”  What-a-kodumai-this-is-saravana-sir .


What? You are not passing the test? cha, this also you can’t pass a? your cousin kichu probably got full marks. disappointment you are.

but wait, there is one more point.

All these things don’t matter.It also doesn’t matter where you’re from,how long you’ve been here,where all you’ve been,how much you have done for this city.blahblah
All that matters is that you love the city.
Because this city loves you. (Punch#1)

and to others,
we know man ki the weather is not all jill-jill-cool-cool navaratna-oil types,
we know that we don’t keep fixating on the NytLyf and the partyscenezz.
we know you are jealous that we can watch any movie at any Theatre with jestu noorthi-iravathu-rooba. muahahaha.

We don’t love this city because its perfect.

we love it because its ours. (Punch#2)

I’ll miss you Chennai.
my parents super timing la decided they want to move to Bangalore.
Cauveri-verri la enga car-a thookidaadhinga boss!

inimeltu Eli noddu-Enu baeku-adjust maadi Vonnly.

officially  IyAmTheNRC – Non resident Chennaite.

I will Be back
Will be back
Be back






7 Reasons Why Scooters Are a Rockz and Bikes Are a Suxx

Okay,first of all, before reading this you take your logic,rotate it above your head three times and throw it outside the window. This is for jolly purposes.
Also this is specially for those vetti scene putting bike fellows only, not all bikers in general..if you’re not one of them then chillax,No offense 🙂

Now look, To all those scene putting bike fellows, what do you think of yourselves? huh? just because you have a bike that cost you one year Anna university fees means you grew two horns a? What your bike has that scooter doesn’t? Talk me.
Now don’t say mileage Dawww, Image Daww ,gethu Daww and all.Also Just don’t say ‘Daw. its the second most irritating word ever.(First place goes to ‘Bae‘)
anyways moving on…LIST TIME!

7 Reasons Why scooty Is a Rockzzz And Bikes are a Suxxx

1.Scooters promote Feminism: Because Everywhere Bikes are shown to be for men only,But look at scooters,they’re unisex, anybody can ride scooters, TVS scooty has been helping generations of working middle class maamis to commute.
Also, if i was an FB post, Id have rephrased this point as ” If you dont support scooters means you are sexist !”

2.Scooters Are Super duper easy to drive.: What clutch,gears and all? Sit , start and simply ride off. so easy that Entire Cast Of NIJAM PAAKU ad can ride scooty !

3.Protection from police: Police Maamas Will catch bikes more than scooters, If you dont put helmet and drive honda Activa means no police guy will look at you twice.. actually noone will look at you twice , but that is different matter. Also, Who will feel like asking paavam student in prehistoric scooty for money when there is ‘Youth-Yolo-Dude‘ going in yamaha R15.?

4.Economical: scooters cost Way lesser than bikes. nothing funny to say about this and all.

5. Nostalgia , tradition, culture and other things that have senti values:
Today you are driving yamaha,honda and all, but when you were in 10th standard and had to go buy 2 Litres aavin milk but Chennai sun was burning you means who came to your rescue? Hamara TVS scooty only no?
When you were small , daily morning your appa used to take you, your brother and your amma and drop all of you off at school, office and all in that scooty only no? scooter only has Special design to allow younger sibling to stand in Front while Amma and anna sit behind and come.

6. Vetti scene putters: when you buy bikes, i think they also give an extra dose of Thimiru with it. Why else will all these bikers ride like they are ajith’s atthai payan.. recklessly speeding and constantly terrorizing innocent bystanders and others on the road.As someone who is Super scared of road accidents, I would like to know if the road is your Appa’s property.?

7. The ladies: To those guys who think riding Big, Costly bikes is going to help them get it on with the laddiiesss. Your face-ku illadha, your bike-ku vara Girl you need a? standards Bro.

So, all of you, sell your royal enfield, donate half the money to some charity and with the rest go buy nice nice scooty that you, your Partner, Your friends, Your teenage cousin , Your middle aged maama and your old age Thaatha can all drive.
Bonus :Reducing noise pollution and getting punyam.

By the way, on a completely, totally unrelated note.. My cousin recently became manager of Vespa scooters Chennai branch.
contact me if you want scooters, I’ll get you nice discount.