Raja, Mantri & Aavin Paal

108+ series #1

A Real-World-Moral-Story.

Once, There was one Raja called Rocket who thought his subjects were all sincere iso:9001:1998-certified good boys. Same kingdom had an  over-smart mantri called Mantri only. Mantri said “poda loosu king, all these fellows are bunti-aur-bubbly level frauds.” So for proving LHS=RHS, mantri made Raja tell everyone there is some Big-Bada Pooja and they have to each donate jest-u-one glass milk in one periya-paatharam on the coming Sunday. So everybody went to temple after watching Sun-TV-Top-Ten-Movies and one by one went in to donate milk. One fellow thought “If I alone pour water instead of milk means who’ll notice? Issokayba! nu he put water. In the end when Raja checked, he saw that there was only water there, no Aavin-paal. Full flower-tying-in-the-ears happened off. Minister was like “I told you so.” King sad; subjects scared. Obviously can’t punish all subjects..cause then no kingdom only will be there, how king?

So He Killed The Minister.

The end.

Moral-of-the-story: Don’t be  adhigaprasangi. Keep nose in your business.Noone likes it when you act like a Pretentious-Aai-Face. okay va?

P.S:This story was supposed to be 108 words,but as an indian cbse student, word limit and all no can do.original story not mine,some akbar-birbal-tenali-raman stuff. More 108+ worded short posts coming soon coming soon.




r-u-a-tru-chennaite? Tak dis tst 2 fnd out

10 Things that will prove you are a true chennaite (You will not believe #4 😮 )

Yevrrrybody is making Chennai posts video and all no? Why I should leave off? I am also rowdydhaan so I am also writing the chennai posts.
Also, I’ll be shifting from Chennai soon, and this is mera Kaneer-Anjali-Poster for the 18 years I spent here.

This is a test to check if you are a true chennaite.
If you don’t pass this test means you are not true Chennaite. thats all.
Ready a?
start musiq.

1. You must say you are a proud chennaite, even if you live in some cook-graamam(MMKRcrazymohanreferenceyo) called gerrugambakkam or something in the outskirts of a small town called porur which is in the outskirts of the suburbs of chennai.

2. Atleast once you should have questioned some rash driver fellow if he “informed and came from home a?”

3. You should bokku-nu-vailaye kuthify those who constantly and relentlessly complain about the “chennai wheather” as if they were born with Attached AC suit from sivaji movie. that is 3-much (2much+1).

4.Whenever any Hindi(read saetu) aunty utters the word “beta” your mind-voice-vadivelu must subconciously reply saying “beta lam enga ma tharanga? verum pongalum puliyodharayum dhaan“.

5. You must be a die-hard Rajini fan.no choice and all.

6. You must constantly question/be questioned regarding which school you studied in, even years after you pass out. It is yuvar identity sorta like the house thingy In Game-Of-Thrones.( jestu ipo dhaan started watching GOT to ensure that Im a kewl dood) I usually loud-a say “PSBB” and silent-a-muzhingify the “Millennium”. Trickz.

7. You must put Over vetti scene to all your friends about how you “hate these serials that old aunties and all watch nowadays yaa!” but secretly go home and watch Vani rani and saravanan meenakshi season 108 Episode:7.5. ( Will saravanan marry meenakshi.? Womygawwdd whatte suspense sir-ji)

8.YOU MUST HATE HINDI FOR NO REASON AT ALL (but still take it as secondlanguage and suffer and then later realize its kinda useful&nice-nice actually). logic a? Who youre looking and what youre asking? kuru ketta koobe.(panchathanthiramCrazymohanReferenceyo)  Also Fuck MumbaiIndians and other mokke IPL teams.#CSKthirumbiVarumDaDei


9.You must have encountered atleast one josiyam telling akka in the beach who somehow managed to make you her customer. Then youll pretend like you don’t believe in this “stupid superstitions” but actually you will listen nice-a and later mandayakozhapify over her predictions /how she knew you have thanni-la-gandam/how to prevent the imminent seven&half-sanni in your life.

10. If you are male, then atleast once you should’ve travelled by an mtc bus which was full only gents side la, and you thought you could get away with sitting in the ladies seat after checking if any females are standing.. only to be Suddenly confronted by an angry maami who appeared out of nowhere like one zubat and tells” cha ladies seat la okaririye? unaku asingama illa? indha generation-e ipdi dhaan”  What-a-kodumai-this-is-saravana-sir .


What? You are not passing the test? cha, this also you can’t pass a? your cousin kichu probably got full marks. disappointment you are.

but wait, there is one more point.

All these things don’t matter.It also doesn’t matter where you’re from,how long you’ve been here,where all you’ve been,how much you have done for this city.blahblah
All that matters is that you love the city.
Because this city loves you. (Punch#1)

and to others,
we know man ki the weather is not all jill-jill-cool-cool navaratna-oil types,
we know that we don’t keep fixating on the NytLyf and the partyscenezz.
we know you are jealous that we can watch any movie at any Theatre with jestu noorthi-iravathu-rooba. muahahaha.

We don’t love this city because its perfect.

we love it because its ours. (Punch#2)

I’ll miss you Chennai.
my parents super timing la decided they want to move to Bangalore.
Cauveri-verri la enga car-a thookidaadhinga boss!

inimeltu Eli noddu-Enu baeku-adjust maadi Vonnly.

officially  IyAmTheNRC – Non resident Chennaite.

I will Be back
Will be back
Be back





Politics Of The Pankajam Apartments

Laydeees and Gendalmaaanz.

I will tell you one very kutti-chotta-short story.
One Ooru la one apartment was irundhuchaam.
That apartment la irrespective of whether there was current, water, malligai kadai(jasmine-shop),tea kadai,Saakadai,potti kadai(Box-shop),kaiyendhibhavan(Hand-Extend-hotel)etc – One thing was always there

*nerrrupu daa*

These kids and all Molachi Moonu yela Vidala, aana vaai mattum wayanaad varaikum poitu varum.(sprouted but no.of.leaves <=3, but mouth is talking till mount-road) Like that apartment only one apartment I lived in when I was small.

Full day time la apartment will be in pin drop silence, but evening 4 PM onwards its actually 7.5 started for Adults. All hell,heaven everything will break loose.
We will gulp-u gulp-u nu drink down our Booshttu! And immediately Run off to our meeting-point-

The-Motta-Maadi!  (Bald-Terrace)

There we will meet up and first discuss Current Affairs*”dei,yesterday 4-30  pokemon show you saw-a??that boy ash-e that big charizard dragon didnt even madhichify(respect) da.”*
Politics *”dei, that krishnan uncle keeps saying the association wont let us play cricket in the parking lot, that uncle sotta-mandai-ya we should hit with stumper ball only!” (“Enaddhu stumper a?? – seri ok, cosco enough”)
And Linguistics *”ey anithaa!- your anna called my anna paradesi di, that is some bad word only no??”*

Then after the Informal Caucus Session, the gang leaders will enter,which means finger-on-the-lips silence only..You see, leaders are the 5th graders, the people who could actually lift an SS cricket bat, the ones who had 3 sets of pokemon/cricket/WWE cards, and ofcourse, the ones who knew the most bad words- Street-Cred Means this – learn da Emin3m.

So,me and the other 3rd standard fellows sat in a circle as the leaders – flatNos.3C-Trisha and 6A-Shekar approached.
We immediately got to the main-point of the meeting. (3rd standard me is giggling at the words “main point”)
ok now also, im giggling…
Anyways- so we had to decide what we were going to play that day.

Shekar said GI Joe | Trisha said Barbies.


Dai Marvel-fellos This is only original civil war.
soon we were divided, both teams passionate about our causes, strong in our beliefs and loyal to our leaders.
Now dont come and tell me ki what is this, anyway whatever you are doing is not something so useful!, It does only little good for kids to play, but they should do something more productive


we dont want to get better and all, we just want to play.
so the leaders decided we should vote (i.e: raise hands) and decide what we want..
at first, shekar was the majority..But this, was like a game of chess.
And it takes more than one move.Trisha made hers

eyy listen no? ill give all of you five star chocolates pa! now tell , what you want to play?

Trisha 1 : Shekar 0

shekar na summava?

He immediately uses his trump card, goes home and brings his Amma’s special world-famous-in-avar-apartment pav bhajji!! And if we see saetu-veetu-chat-u and all means we will obviously fall for it no?

shekar’s back in the lead.

3C Trisha is not one to lose to that songi boy shekar and all.

Silenta-irundhu-Sorrnaakka-level rowdy-ism she did and told ” eyy gurll, he is bad boy di! you will take his side means I am pechu-kaa thats all, all of them said sorry and did pazham+tied friendship band and all.

While this highly intellectual battle of wits and grey matter was taking place, enter Nazar shah, the 5th standard smart fellow, who doesnt bully the kids and goes to music class, chess class and all.
So this fellow sees that all of us are wasting our times when we could be doing something useful, he was carrying a science expt kit and asked us if we wanted to play with this instead
That and all no need.Nee moodu ” apdeenu chorus-a all of us told making our leaders both get anandha kaneer.(Um..Tears-of-anand)
Nazar thought this whole playing-business is one dirty sakkadai.(drainage) Why should i help them and all? maanam ketta naaiyinga.” (Shame-spoiled-puppies) and he left.

Soon it was time, and the ultra-super-final voting started…
As usual, Half the Gang didnt give a damn.
Out of the rest,
4C-Faisal did inky pinky ponky and chose trisha.
9A-Nayanthara blindly chose trisha too-Bffs you see, and quite a sweet tooth with a soft corner for five stars didnt hurt.
7G-shambashivan decided to choose shekar saying “dei i really think his ideas are better da, from a practical point of view,based on extensive research of the SST textbooks…” but soon the truth comes out in the form of a pav-bhajji smelling Fa-rp.
I also chose shekar because shambu was my best friend da. what else i can do??If one monkey throws cap, means That monkey-oda-machan will also throw no?
6E-srinidhi was gonna be the deciding vote….. nails were bitten,curls were twirled, chaos ensued, and finally she made her decision.

Barbie it was!

So Next 5 hours-ku Trisha’s barbie only, who knows maybe after that it will be GI joes, then barbie.. then again barbie..then maybe GI joe’s-son…hmm.

Retrospect-la that was some shitty politics,neither side was actually doing anything good, nor were their plans any different. That one Nazar fellow who couldve done something proper also didnt bother to. And we just chose sides based on slightly-very-very-bad-logic influenced by Freebies.

Thank god thats Not How Govt Elections work.

Wait-a-nimute. Oh Crap!
P.S: Any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental and markets-are-subject-to-risk-please-read-the-terms-and-conditions-apply.

P.S #2: some people told me they dont understand much because of the tamizh references.. since i went through the senjification-of-second-language-hindi for 10 years, I am understandings. ive directly translated wherever i felt like it… it doesnt help much..or at all, but its fun. Language means for communication only..so context and all you understand means Im v.v.happy.

Life of the Indian-high-school-Yoooth-Dyude.

pre-note:This is mostly me talking to myself.I do that a lot . Also i finallly got enough engalees and humor sense and all to understand calvin and hobbes, Falling in louwe with it.

Start musiq.

Once upon a time long long ago, so long ago..that is 3 years back -11th starting la I chose Computer science group.. just because it sounded a coolz and because I got enough CGPA in the overhyped waw-of-the-waw tenth board exams but Mostly because I cant draw for shit and for some reason was convinced that I suck at bio cuz of that.

what? you’re thinking why not commerce a? Poda.
commerce and all not even in the picture, I mean.. bleddy they will Wonnnnly teach/glorify/soap-pottufy science subjects and then suddenly say “If you want means you can take commerce..I wouldnt recommend it, but you can take…i mean…. you seriously shouldnt unless you have no other friggin choice...but you can take.
Bleddy who will feel like going through the effort of fighting with your parents and take it after this man? only half way through 11th people will realize ki they got senjified(Screwed).

Then after choosing stream, next step is what? over ambitious parents will paavama put all their hopes (read:Emotional-Athyaachaar) and join us off in one JEE Coaching class(notice how its always called coaching classes, because they don’t wanna be confused with the ‘tuitions‘ that people go for boards which is beneath them .yuckz)
Jee classes are the Biggest-Scam-In-The-Indian-History-Of-The-Education-System(Brilliant Start-Up idea though) but to be fair, I had the beshtu parents, who never forced me into any thing. But all this I myself went and got myself Senjified. I joined in this one centre which i wont name for legal reasons (hint:rhymes with kaakaash). there 2 years went by, mostly with me complaining like a bitch about how i have to travel 452 hours :departure from porur and arrival at adyar.

Then for some reason school la they have something against these jee classes, and jee fellows constantly belittle boards. and like a child in a bad marriage, all students will be stuck in between this ego problem.Shabba from every side they will throw homework assignments tests and all and say study daily. lol.
as if we study daily. anyway day before exam only we will call the good-gals of the class and say “eyy send notes pictures in whatsapp group dii”. and sit and mug up and vomit in exam to get some marks.

Around February only we will start propera studying for boards- then because of the constant bombardment of sample papers mock exams clusters and what not, concept of studying for the sake of learning and all is obsolete.(Cue:Sophisticated word) by this time, we somewhat crack board exams’ formula methods and get somewhat good marks also. Then in one week we will sit and try our best for entrances and that also something will click or else also no problem. because at the end of the day, all colleges more or less same educational standards only. chumma tag difference and all is one jujubee-self-hyping thingy like that All-iz-well BS aamir khan does in 3 idiots.

True to our stereotypes, majority do choose engineering. though we like to pretend we have full choices and all. just-u illusion.

Society will extend one finger and say “choose between the fingers kanna” .
if you ask “where is other finger??” means
it’ll show Middle finger.
But you see, I went through my entire school life having never failed…at anything. meaning not like small tests and all, just generally speaking i never failed.I did pretty well in my boards, got into a good-ish institute to the course I adamantly chose. I never badly failed at any extra curricular activities or sports I tried, Never had any issues so severe that I felt unhappy or depressed.  I never felt like a failure.

But the Absence of failure is not Success.

There is this quote of J.K. Rowling
she says
It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default”

The fear of failure, and the embarrassment that came with it stopped me from trying anything, and this was something I wasnt even aware of. It was just subconsciously wired into me. and whenever I thought about why I wasnt happy or succesful, I ended up blaming others. But there is an expiration date on blaming society. once you are aware and slightly mature, its upto you to try  and take control and challenge yourself to do something in real life as much as you do on Facebook.and while we are on that topic, bleddy stop facebook challenges da. Chumma ice bucket,aai bucket nu.

So,Go and pursue what makes you happy, that’s what passion is – its things that make you Happy

Because Happiness…Is Always The Goal Of life.

Apart from getting an IIT seat, that is.

What India Needs: The Nation Wants To Know!

For the next 5 minutes, I need you all to assume that I’m some Expert appatucker who has in-depth knowledge of the economic and structure of India but for some illogical reason I don’t work for the Government!

Wait,No I’m not Raghuram Rajan.


Now, I’m going to give some free advice.
If you want means take. If you don’t want means… still you have to take only, because that’s how free advice works no?! No Choice and all. poda.

Ok, you keep saying our nation is Nasamaaa goings no?
you want good nation a? That means you need a good government. which means you need good politicians.which means responsible adults who make it a point to vote sensibly instead of either sitting at home and saying “aii jolly.Holiday!” or choosing to vote for vijaykanth only because ” Machi! Ramanaa paathiya? pah! whatte man la?”
Now if you want such adults means they must have had good childhood..which means they must have watched good cartoons…
So that’s what our nation needs.
Our nation needs to ban Chotta bheem.

What other Bada problem our country is facing…ah yes! Language barriers. Unity in diversity and all chumma  for jolly they put in ninth standard social studies textbook.There only it ends.
This north india vs south india catfight no? such a headache it gives even amruthanjan balm is of no help boss!
And with what logic they are fighting, I don’t get only!
Northies make fun of south people’s english, and these buggers make fun of the northies’ english.
Dai.Loosu fellows, all our Englishes are waste only!
North fellows will say Foodubal for football, my mallu chettas will say aoufficce for office , my golti mamas will use “ra” so many times as if they are singing that chandramukhi terror song. And us Tamizh people tho forget it..just read my blog, that only avar engalees skillzz.

You are living in glass house means you don’t throw rocks.

And one scene we south Indians will put saying ki north Indians just label us all as madrasis. Dei first you name all 6 states in the northeast da!
That was trick question. There are 7 states.

So look, let us come to a compromise ok? south Indians should all start accepting hindi more.. look its a nice language .. super bad words it has ,BC,MC and all. kohli says no?
And north Indians, start accepting our masala movies and most importantly Rajinikanth.

because Dei I know that all you hindi fellows making fun of rajinikanth on the internet( read:stealing chuck norris memes and replacing the name) are the same ones who go home and watch Sivaji-The Boss dubbed on set max! Come out of the closet I say!
so thats what our nation needs
our nation needs to love Rajinikanth.

One more problem nowadays is how much our nation likes to protest.
someone gives speech in one delhi college means protest. someone refuses to tell one slogan means protest. Anna university keeps exams means protest, those exams la we fail means protest , they ask for money for re-eval means protest. one movie you like and they don’t release means protest, you don’t like and they release also means protest.
Shabba. Now itself eyes are closing.
Of all these, one major protest is this beef ban. Why so much fuss over food.? Instead of discussing about banning we should instead promote some other food item.                          To stop fights, To unite the two sides. Something that is tasty, simple, healthy and represents the colour that we Indians idolize and wish to look like everyday, through ample ‘Appification’of fair & lovely.
Thayir sadham.
That’s what we need.

Our Nation needs To make Thayir Sadham the national food.

OK Let me tell you one honest secret ..
These things May not be what India needs to grow… But I sure would love to live in a country without chota bheem, where all people love Rajini and Eat

Thayir sadham.

Because I’d belong in such a place.

Because in the end isn’t that what we need from our homes, our colleges,our city or our country? To belong?

Cause once we feel like the country is ours…that it is a reflection of how good or how bad we are..we are half way there in making it better.

Ambududhe hai!*

  • ‘ambududhe hai’ is copied from an Fb post.Too much in love with it.sry.


Stop with the Guilty Feelings:An Open Opaari!

Boss. What joy do you get from making me feel guilty?

Daily one Sales executive will come to my house, I would’ve seen through that peep-hole and decided to ignore,but he will ring the bell again and again,and call out “saar , mahdaaam!” till I feel guilty and open the door.
Then he will see Im holding a big smartphone and wearing some branded ‘modern‘ clothes and directly assume I dont know tamizh(Sathya-Sodhanai.), and speak to me in one broken English,(after asking if mummy-daddy are home) and tell me how he is from an orphanage and is looking for donations , and ask “whatever you can manage,give thambi, It will be helpful

Here two problems:

If I give means later I’ll feel guilty because probably he is some cheating fellow who used ‘charity’ scheme to scam me and put naamam(\|/) on my forehead.

If I don’t give means ill feel guilty thinking I am one bad person for not giving charity.

Giving Charity directly also is one nightmare. Every time I walk past a beggar,(especially if its a child or one carrying a child) I try my best to avoid confrontation, and it usually works,(maybe because my face and all doesn’t look like I have cash), But if they do target me means that’s all.

Again two problems:

If I don’t give money,I feel guilty for not helping those less privileged than myself,

If i give means i feel guilty for being part of a system that encourages begging, I mean.. for all I know, that money might not be used as intended.


Then there are these movies which suffer from an overdose of melancholy.             Basically take any love story, Then give main character some kind of illness and slowly and painfully kill them, There you go: bestselling books and super hit movies. *Cough-FaultInOurStars-Cough*
Don’t get me wrong,I LOVE movies that make you think and feel. Movies that leave a profound effect on you,movies that make a dent. Iraivi and Taare zameen par and many others blew my mind.

But that doesn’t mean you take a story, drown it in sadness by giving people cancer and what not, and then shove it down my throat. Because ultimately sadness wont come out,only Guilt over not feeling genuinely sad.. and maybe a little vomit
If you want to exaggerate means  cool. do that to make people laugh, crack a few lame jokes, roast a few people, tickle some funny bones. but stop forcing us to be sad or guilty da.Enough of that already happening in real life around us.
Happy > sad

Then there is Facebook, more like *Facepalm*.. hahaha! No? ok, leave off.
It is solely responsible for almost half the world populations guilty feelings. How many different type of posts that are aimed at preying on our guilt to gain popularity.
FB Problems:
1.Posts that say : “If you don’t like this post in 7 seconds, your mother will die.”  Dei why you bring my Mummy and all into this. bloody respect will be spoiled,be careful.
And whose ears you are trying to tie flowers?!
2.Posts that say :”Every 2 minutes in Africa, 1 kid is dying.only 1% ppl will share this. share this post if you feel bad for them. 1 like = 1 pray;1 share=1000pray.
Okay man,I am not denying ki people are dying in africa, but how sharing your post will help? And if i don’t want to share means I don’t feel bad a? Cha. bongu-aatam.
3.People who share aforementioned posts. I feel guilty for having befriended you.                       my head-fate.

Two more problems
If people achieve too much means i feel guilty for not being good enough,
If people are going through very dark times means i feel guilty for feeling happy about the good things in my life.

One more -2 problems
If i get good marks means people are saying things like “pch what man, you got nice marks in this test, see i failed,how could you do this?fulla your fault only!” and ill feel guilty.
If i do bad means parents will say”We gave you everything we didn’t get when we were small, this is how you repay us-a?bhagavane!

what kodumai this is, saravana ?

But ofcourse, Making people feel guilty is the super power of old people.
My dad’s trademark scolding usually goes like “ when I was your age, I used to sit under streetlight and study, that time we didn’t have all this luxury, I cycled from Perambur to Thousand lights everyday, I worked two jobs , look at you. Waste-of-Rice you are.”
Ayo Appa, I am not saying you didn’t go through a lot,But you telling all that only makes me feel like anything I do will never measure up on that scale. Immense Respect – I always had for you, but that dialogue only added Guilt to that.
And when you were my age, you didn’t have phone.. now you are playing flappy birds *ting* *ting* -nu in ipad daily no?

Times have changed Appa.

I will also, hopefully, struggle and work hard soon, and do something with my life that You and I are both proud of,(elephant-ku one day means cat-ku also one day no?)
But I need not go through the exact same Journey you did.
Like Thalaivar told- “En vazhi thanni vazhi”.

In reality, Everybody’s route is Different.. but where we want to finally reach is same-same.

Stop Guilty.Start Party.

P.S: wished my Appa a happy fathers day, he responded with his trademark Vinu chakravarthy style grunt.:’)

7 Reasons Why Scooters Are a Rockz and Bikes Are a Suxx

Okay,first of all, before reading this you take your logic,rotate it above your head three times and throw it outside the window. This is for jolly purposes.
Also this is specially for those vetti scene putting bike fellows only, not all bikers in general..if you’re not one of them then chillax,No offense 🙂

Now look, To all those scene putting bike fellows, what do you think of yourselves? huh? just because you have a bike that cost you one year Anna university fees means you grew two horns a? What your bike has that scooter doesn’t? Talk me.
Now don’t say mileage Dawww, Image Daww ,gethu Daww and all.Also Just don’t say ‘Daw. its the second most irritating word ever.(First place goes to ‘Bae‘)
anyways moving on…LIST TIME!

7 Reasons Why scooty Is a Rockzzz And Bikes are a Suxxx

1.Scooters promote Feminism: Because Everywhere Bikes are shown to be for men only,But look at scooters,they’re unisex, anybody can ride scooters, TVS scooty has been helping generations of working middle class maamis to commute.
Also, if i was an FB post, Id have rephrased this point as ” If you dont support scooters means you are sexist !”

2.Scooters Are Super duper easy to drive.: What clutch,gears and all? Sit , start and simply ride off. so easy that Entire Cast Of NIJAM PAAKU ad can ride scooty !

3.Protection from police: Police Maamas Will catch bikes more than scooters, If you dont put helmet and drive honda Activa means no police guy will look at you twice.. actually noone will look at you twice , but that is different matter. Also, Who will feel like asking paavam student in prehistoric scooty for money when there is ‘Youth-Yolo-Dude‘ going in yamaha R15.?

4.Economical: scooters cost Way lesser than bikes. nothing funny to say about this and all.

5. Nostalgia , tradition, culture and other things that have senti values:
Today you are driving yamaha,honda and all, but when you were in 10th standard and had to go buy 2 Litres aavin milk but Chennai sun was burning you means who came to your rescue? Hamara TVS scooty only no?
When you were small , daily morning your appa used to take you, your brother and your amma and drop all of you off at school, office and all in that scooty only no? scooter only has Special design to allow younger sibling to stand in Front while Amma and anna sit behind and come.

6. Vetti scene putters: when you buy bikes, i think they also give an extra dose of Thimiru with it. Why else will all these bikers ride like they are ajith’s atthai payan.. recklessly speeding and constantly terrorizing innocent bystanders and others on the road.As someone who is Super scared of road accidents, I would like to know if the road is your Appa’s property.?

7. The ladies: To those guys who think riding Big, Costly bikes is going to help them get it on with the laddiiesss. Your face-ku illadha, your bike-ku vara Girl you need a? standards Bro.

So, all of you, sell your royal enfield, donate half the money to some charity and with the rest go buy nice nice scooty that you, your Partner, Your friends, Your teenage cousin , Your middle aged maama and your old age Thaatha can all drive.
Bonus :Reducing noise pollution and getting punyam.

By the way, on a completely, totally unrelated note.. My cousin recently became manager of Vespa scooters Chennai branch.
contact me if you want scooters, I’ll get you nice discount.